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Blue Hour with the Fuji 23mm f2

Blue hour is my favorite time to take long exposures. As the sun drops below the horizon, the sky turns a deep blue as the city turns on its lights.

The weather and my schedule were clear, so I headed to Seattle’s Gasworks Park to freeze my butt off for an hour.

Gasworks offers a nice view of the city but there’s not much opportunity for foreground interest. Sometimes you can catch a boat as it traverses the frame.

13 Second Exposure, Classic Chrome

As the night goes on fewer boats cut across Lake Union and I start wishing I had brought gloves.

20 Second Exposure, Classic Chrome

The ‘postcard perfect’ shot would happen on a cloudless night with perfectly smooth water. I didn’t get that, but clear nights in February are rare enough that I’m happy with the results.

Gear Used:

Cityscapes and Landscapes are satisfying in a different way than fast-paced street snaps. You’re forced to slow down, take your time, and wait a little bit for the result. It’s a good break from everyday life.

One thought on “Blue Hour with the Fuji 23mm f2

  1. “city turns on it’s lights” should be “city turns on its lights”.

    Here is the easy way to tell: if you contracting “it” and “is”, then use “it’s”. Otherwise, just use “its”.

    In this case, obviously you would not say “city turns on it is lights”. That’s the clue that you don’t need the apostrophe.

    To provide another example, if you were say, “it is the best”, you could also say “it’s the best”.

    Thanks and I don’t mean to be annoying. Just sharing a simple rule that makes it easy to get the its vs. it’s thing right.

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