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The Fuji XF50mm F2 R WR is available

The third ‘Fujicron’ lens is starting to ship at Amazon! B&H Photo still says it will ship February 28th.

The 23mmf2 and the 50mmf2 will make for a great 2-lens take-anywhere kit. It’s a good focal length spread and these lenses are compact enough that you don’t need a bag.

For specs, reviews, and more information, click here

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As of today, only the black color is available, silver will be released at a later date.


2 thoughts on “The Fuji XF50mm F2 R WR is available

  1. Due to the light weight and compact size, the lens handles beautifully on any of the Fuji X-Series cameras, and feels quite at home on a smaller body like my X-T20.

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