Snow Day with the Fuji 35mm f2
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Snow Day with the Fuji 35mm f2

Snow! We don’t get much of it here.

I grabbed my camera and headed out, envisioning minimalist landscapes, fields of perfect snow, and beams of light just touching the trees.

When I got to Green Lake, the snow had turned to sleet, I had forgotten my gloves, and the light was gone.

I started walking back to the car, dejected. I stepped in a muddy puddle, which turned out to be much deeper than I expected. My sock got soaked, I got pissed and dropped a few choice expletives.

The quick anger over a sock made me realize how ridiculous I was being. “I’m already out here, let’s try to make something of it.”

I took a few random snaps just to get into photo-taking mode, picked a direction, and started walking.

Putzing around, searching for compositions, stopping to take photos here-and-there; the thoughts of sleet and cold faded away. My mind cleared.  I started to appreciate the calm lake and the bare trees and the crunchy snow.
Even when the conditions are gross, you’ll feel better if you get out there and do the work

I didn’t get any award-winning photos this day. My sock got wet and my hands froze off. But still, this morning was a huge win. I got a little fresh air, some walking, and an enjoyable way to start my day.

That’s something I never would have gotten without photography.

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