Magnum Contact Sheets on Sale for Canadians
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Magnum Contact Sheets on Sale for Canadians


Magnum Contact sheets in on sale at for less than $25 CAD (It’s usually ~$65 CAD)

If you’re a photographer you really should own this book. Magnum Photos is the most highly regarded photojournalism collective in the world, including members such as Robert CapaHenri Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurryAlex Webb, and plenty more. Magnum keeps an image archive online, well worth a browse for inspiration.

When professional photographers shot with film, they’d often use contact sheets to pick which images to use and which to discard. ‘Magnum Contact Sheets’ shows the contact sheets of dozens of photographers, alongside their final picks and some supporting text. The book gives you a unique view into how great photographers work a scene to get the shot.

Americans can order the book here, though it’s not currently on sale. Even at full price it’s a fantastic book, well worth it. It will improve your photography much more than a fancy strap or new lens. A paperback version is due to be released in October.


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