X-Pro2 Replacement Eyecups for when the stock piece falls off

The X-Pro2 is an awesome camera but it does have one annoying design flaw: the eyepiece falls off way too easily!

Fuji X-Pro2 missing eyecup

The mount for the rubber eyepiece doesn’t have a retaining lip and it’s not seated very tight. If you put your camera in and out of your bag, the eyepiece rubs against the bag and eventually falls off.

In my case, it fell off during the night and there’s no way I’d be able to find a tiny black ring in the dark. I shoot with eyeglasses on and freak out a little when the sharp metal touches my glasses instead of the rubber eyecup.

I haven’t been able to find a replacement from Fuji. Fortunately third party companies have a replacement eyecup available:

The replacements fit just fine and I can’t tell the difference between these and stock. Unfortunately they don’t fix the design problem, and still may fall off after some time.

A temporary fix: if you have the right bag, you can store your camera facedown and avoid any contact with the rubber eyepiece. Not always a solution if you have to pack tight.


Xpro2 in bag to avoid rubbing the eyecup

Have you found any better solutions for keeping the eyepiece on? Let me know below:

3 thoughts on “X-Pro2 Replacement Eyecups for when the stock piece falls off

  1. I’ve just put my XT1 in for repair – the flap covering the HDMI connection and the eye cup both disappeared on holiday – although both were loose… Love the camera but the little problems tick me off. Don’t get me started on my XT20…

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