The X-T3 is here!
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The X-T3 is here!

There’s so many new mirrorless cameras coming out that it’s hard to keep everything straight. But while Canon and Nikon are scrambling to catch up in the mirrorless world, Fuji’s gone and released what I think is the most compelling camera this season. In many ways it bests the ‘hot’ new Full Frame cameras at a much cheaper price, and with a more mature system. And to top it off, it’s retailing for $100 LESS than the X-T2! Every other manufacturer finds every excuse to raise prices for tiny upgrades.

Pre-order the X-T3 from Amazon


Image quality improvements look promising, with a small bump in resolution and now a backside illuminated sensor.

Performance is way better:

  • 30 fps with no blackout
  • Phase detect autofocus across the entire sensor
  • Dedicated AF processing (Eye AF and tracking are much improved)
  • Slightly better battery life (I do wish they had moved to a larger battery)

While it doesn’t look like much has changed on the exterior, Fuji actually did improve the handling. The already excellent X-T2 body gets firmer dials, a lockable diopter, usb-C charging, removable port door, and more. Fuji shows us once again that they are the king of kaizen (small improvements).

If you were interested in dabbling in video the X-T3 now shoots 4k 60p with a tiny crop. The face detect autofocus is now much improved and very usable for filming. It’s got the Eterna film simulation and Log profiles for color grading. Compare with the $2300 Canon R whose 4k crop basically makes it an APS-C sized sensor with a worse looking image. Check out DPReviews great video on the X-T3’s video capabilities. It’s a shame they didn’t include the forward facing screen of the X-T100…

For budget shooters a new body is still exciting news. Why? Because the X-T2 is going to be even cheaper! Be on the lookout for used bodies from those who can’t resist upgrading.

Fujicron lenses (23mm f2, 35mm f2, and 50mm f2) are all $50 off right now. Good time to fill out your kit 🙂

The X-T3 is my new top pick for Fujicron shooters. The great handling body we all know and love, with blazing fast performance and excellent image quality. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe an X-Pro3…. 🙂

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