A website for fans of Fuji’s compact weather-sealed f2 prime lenses.

Lens design is always about compromise. Aperture, weight, optical quality, size; all of these have tradeoffs. With the 35mm f2, and now the 23mm f2 and 50mm f2 lenses, Fuji has really nailed the sweet spot.

Being lightweight, compact, and weather-sealed means you can take a camera with you everyday. Excellent optics and fast auto-focus mean you can worry more about the photograph and less about the equipment.

Fans have labelled these new lenses ‘Fujicron’, a portmanteau of Leica’s f2 Summicron line and Fuji.

Fujicron users don’t care about crazy thin depth of field or pixel peeping at extreme conditions. If needed, there are other lenses for that. We just want to go out and make pictures, with tools that don’t get in the way.

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I’m James, an Engineer living in Seattle. I enjoy shooting street, travel, and the occasional landscape or portrait. Instagram


I hope this website can become a useful resource for die-hard Fujicron fans and anyone curious about Fujifilm’s X series.

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