New Firmware for Fuji X-T2 (ver. 2.00) and X-Pro2 (ver. 3.00)

Fuji’s added a whole slew of updates to their flagship cameras, including: extended bracketing, more AF improvements, reduced EVF blackout,  “Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display” view mode, and much more. This one is definitely worth installing on your camera. Click below for change lists and update instructions:

Firmware for X-T2 users

Firmware for X-Pro2 users


Fujirumors is suggesting another firmware update will come sometime in May.

One reason I like using Fuji cameras is their commitment to continuously improve their products through firmware. It feels like other companies release a new camera every 4 months when a firmware update could’ve done the same thing. (I wish Fuji would update the x100 series more often though…)

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